Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Personal Reflection

I think that this ADMT project has taught me much more about Google Sketchup, Indesign, Photoshop, and other media editing software. Like the different tools that could be used to enable the shopping mall I have designed to look better. I also realised that it is not that easy to design shopping malls like this, or any other building for that matter. Difficulties encountered include like making the sketchup, design boards, and journal. Basically, it was hard. One needs time management, and needs commitment, critical thinking skills, and creativity to at least perform in this project. I feel that I could have spent more time and effort on my Sketchups and my Indesign, but I have improved my capabilities in Sketchup over the days, weeks, or months (one of the above), with all my friends who have helped me out, by giving me ideas, advice, or helping out with my work when I face a difficulty. Teachers I would like to thank are Ms Seah, and Mr Ronald for teaching me more, and pointing out things in my work that I could have improved on. Thank you.

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